METROPCS USA - Android Official Unlock (Mobile Device Unlock app)

It's mandatory to check with the "MetroPCS Device Unlock App" Service BEFORE you place your order, and verify  that your phone shows "Not Eligible for Unlock" error. If it does show that then you can order.

If instead you have the error "Server not responding" this mean your phone is not able to communicate with the MetroPCS Server (Communication Error), so DO NOT ORDER.

You need to fix this problem before ordering since we do not accept refund requests for this specific error.
However we do have some tips to fix it:

1 - Make sure you use the original Stock ROM from MetroPCS since it will not work if you flash your phone with any custom Firmware from T-Mobile, CyanogenMod, or even an Unbranded ROM.
2 - make sure you're using the last version of MetroPCS Firmware for your Cell Phone.
3 - Finally (after upgrade) perform a Hard Reset on your Cell Phone (you'll find Hard Reset method on: or check on YouTube).
4 - Turn off 3G/LTE and force the use of a local WiFi Hotspot.
5 - Make sure you use home Wifi (and not a public/company WiFi since they might use firewall, vpn, etc... that will trouble communication)

If none of these recommendations work for you, then we don't have a solution.
If you find a way to fix this problem with another method, please let us now so we can help better our community.

Warning: Do not use this service to Unlock IMEIs from T-Mobile USA as you will receive a NON WORKING CODE and you won't be able to claim a refund ! T-Mobile USA is not supported, only MetroPCS.

In case of problem unlocking your phone after delivery:

Ask us by email for FIX (we will perform one free FIX without asking for Video Proof)

- If after fix, the phone is still locked, then please contact us by email to get the UNIQUE reference code we will ask you to show in the video (to make sure the video was recorded AFTER we fix)

We only refunds for "NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UNLOCK" issue.. we will not refund any complaints about "Communication Error" or "Server not responding. please try again later.". It is mandatory to check before ordering if your phone has "Server not responding. please try again later." issue. If the answer is yes then you can try to fix this error by performing a hard reset on your phone, or upgrading firmware. Again make sure your phone can communicate with "Device Unlock App" server BEFORE placing your order.



Price : USD30USD

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