Motorola Database 2

Service online 24/5 (Monday to Friday) Delivery Time

Unlock ALL Motorola devices locked to any Network worldwide 

Service Database is limited to select year only if u need unlock codes for newer models request in atlerantive Motorola databse tool

Service will generate 1 or 2 set of codes

below is the sample code :   51065328 61990838 or 16 Digit code

1st code is Network code
2nd code is subset code

Warning : some Phones have only 1 set of codes in Factory Database in such case you get only Nck code. there are no other codes in database,There will be no refund issue

Service  Generates 8 & 16 Digit Unlock code  Depending on your handset factory lock

Incase you requested an 8 digit code in cheaper database and you get "not found" you can use this tool as atlerante

incase  you get 8 digit code result in cheaper database do not request in this database you wil again get same code/no refund.

NOT supported CDMA Phones IMEI starting 99xxxxxxxxxxx 
make sure not to submit such IMEIs, cause code will Not work

- No Refund for Wrong Code
- No Verification Request Accepted
- No Cancellation if Delayed untill supplier approves cancellation request

The problem with theses phones is that the

1 : operator will change the codes from the defaults and the factory default codes will be wrong.
2 : Blocked Counters
3 : custom Firmware
4 : Replaced Handset or Hardlocked Firmware Changed by operator
5 : Relocked Handet by operator

Normally these probems can be sorted by flashing a generic Firmware in your phone and than unlock with same codes  will work .

Alert : incase unlock codes generated by this Database do not work do not order same order in other Motorola database it will get you same codes and no refunds will be issued

Price : USD3USD

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