Canada - Telus / koodo iPhone 3G ,3GS ,4,4S,5,5C,5S,6,6+, 6S, 6S+, SE , 7, 7+(Clean IMEI)

Terms & Conditions

1) This service is for network in the title only

2) Do not order if your model is not listed. Phone should be activated in order to get it unlock.

3) iemi must be correct

4) delivery time is an approximation. We cant cancel orders that are delayed.

5) If IMEI or Network provided by you is wrong,   ( Using Gsx Show your the Right Network Locked)
   If Phone Must Not Have Replacement Information (Using Gsx Shows if it has replacement Information)
   we won't be in a position to offer you refund.
   Always perform a Gsx Check Before making an order

6) You will need to connect your phone to Itunes to activate your phone(or simply put a cross network sim in your phone and connect it with wifi).

7) If there are any question before buying, please feel free to ask

8) In case our Server rejects your order and it's not due to IMEI or Network issue, we will give you full refund.

9) If The carrier decides to relock your phone we are not responsible.

10) Do Not Order Already Unlocked IMEIS, no refund wil be issue.

11) The Service cannot remove Icloud Status, no refund will be issued

Verification & Refund Policy

1) If Your order is not unlocked run a Gsx Report using website using Tool name : iPhone & iPad Full GSX Check ( Carrier ,SimUnlock Current Status) and contact us

Please, only order if you are ok with the above

Price : USD50USD

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